Best 12 Helpful Tips For Buying Quality Furniture

Best 12 Helpful Tips For Buying Quality Furniture

Furniture shopping can be quite challenging in today’s world, due to the endless options we have to choose from. If you prefer quality over quantity you’ve come to the right spot. Below are 12 helpful tips you should follow before making that big purchase.

1. Different wood Different Quality

There are numerous types of wood Manufactures utilize to make furniture and they fall into these three categories. Solid wood, veneers, and composite wood.

I’ll explain the different types starting from least expensive to most expensive.

Composite wood is made from combining wood pulp, plastics, and resin. Composite wood is the lowest quality of wood in the furniture industry. This piece of wood is considered Scraps for the Manufactures.

Although composite wood has the lowest quality that doesn’t change the fact that u can find amazing looking furniture set made from this wood for a very low cost, if you are on a tight budget and might not have much to spend composite wood furniture is a good option but just be mindful it won’t last you very long, maybe a year or two.

Veneers, on the other hand, are an improvement from composite wood this type of wood is made from thin layers of wood that are pressed and glued onto core Panels of our furniture, so veneers are real wood no imitation. 

Veneer wood is very affordable. The quality of wood is fair and will last longer than the composite wood so more bang for your buck.

Solid wood as the name suggests is all wood 100% authentic. Solid wood was made to last. Unlike the previous woods when this wood shows wear it adds character. Solid wood furniture can get pass down from generation to generation.

Solid wood furniture can be quite expensive but you get what you pay for. When purchasing this furniture look at it as an investment. Over time this furniture will become an antique and can be sold for way more than the original buying price.

2. Inspect The Legs     

When inspecting the legs of any furniture make sure the legs are wooden and firmly jointed to the frame of the furniture. plastic and metal legs don’t look as nice and they can damage your flooring. Stay away from nailed-in legs they are terrible. Weak furniture legs will break down on you little to no time so please make sure you inspect the legs.

Also, many high ticket sofas come with an extra leg for support so instead of 4 legs u get 5 legs. I know it sounds weird but it actually doesn’t look bad. 

3. Check The Springs

Understanding how your couch is constructed can help you determine numerous things such as its life span and its cost. 

There are three different types of springs. Eight-way hand-tied spring, sinuous spring, and web suspension. Hand-tied springs are very detailed and expensive but the quality is Phenomenal. Sinuous springs are the most commonly used springs and the quality is fair. Web suspension is the lowest quality providing the least support and over time it will lose tension causing the furniture to sink in. 

  • Eight-Way Hand-Tied Springs

Hand-tied springs are made by joining twine from each spring coil to one another and then securing it to the couch frame by hand. The twine then crosses the springs from front to back & side to side, forming a diagonal pattern until each coil is tied in 8 different ways. 

  • Sinuous Springs

Most sinuous springs are made from 9 gauge steel wire, but the more pricey ones are made from copper coated springs to prevent corrosion. Sinuous springs form a beautiful S shape and are referred to as the “Serpentine Spring”. The springs are snaked In an s shape pattern from front to back of the couch and are joined together horizontally by a cord.

  • Web suspension 

Web suspension is a band of webbing 2-3 inches wide that is attached to the frame creating a hammock platform to support the furniture cushion. Web suspension provides little support and is often used with springs or tensioners to help the stability.

4. Test The Cushions

The Firm-er the cushion the better, firm cushions tend to have a better lifespan. If you don’t like the cushions too firm and like to sink in when u sit you should get super-soft foam cushions.

Check to see if the covers are removable and have the same fabric pattern on both sides. Usually, the cushions have one main pattern than on the other side a plain white, black or tan backing. Fully covered single pattern cushions tend to cost more, due to the fact you can flip them over every other month to preserve the quality.

Removable covers help with keeping the covers look fresh and clean, with the removable covers you can easily toss them in the washer or hand wash them depending on the washing instructions.

5. Avoid Nails And Glue

Furniture that is joined together with glue or nails provides minimal support and will collapse on you, so be mindful of that before swiping your card or your husband card. 

Wood joinery in the manufacturing world is a key element when creating furniture. Wood joinery is when you take two pieces of wood and join them in a fashional manner. Other than looking nice, joined woods are very sturdy and provide support to more weight.

6. Check Doors, Drawers, And Cabinets

Properly inspect every door that comes with the furniture. Check the latches on the doors. Check if the latch is secure properly, the latch should not wiggle. be mindful when opening the doors, if assemble poorly it will snap shut on you and possibly injure you.

Inspect every handle and knobs make sure it’s a tight fit and should not wiggle or turn without your consent.

Pull the draws all the way out, while pulling out check the rolling mechanics for any defects. 

7. Avoid High Maintenance Fabric

When choosing the fabric for your furniture you have to be honest with yourself, if you struggle to keep your house clean because of kids, pets or both then stay away from suede, velvet, silk and loose weave fabric.

Velvet fabric will collect every piece of hair that comes in its path. If your pet love climbing on the couch their nails will constantly get caught in loose weave fabric. Sued is by far the hardest fabric to keep clean.

If you don’t have kids or pets, by all means, get any fabric you want but if you do have little ones the best fabric to get is leather, canvas, denim, and microfiber.   

8.  Avoid Absurd Colors

Many first time buyers make the mistake of buying an absurd color couch. When picking the color of your couch lean towards the neutral colors. With neutral colors, you have more room to play with when it comes to color experimenting with through decors, accents, and throw pillows. 

If you base your decision off your “favorite color” especially with bigger expensive pieces like a couch. I guarantee you, a year down the road you will be sick and tired of looking at the bold color couch you thought was your favorite.

9. Wait For The Right Time

A great way to save tons of money is to buy your furniture at the right time. If you feel like a piece is overpriced 7/10 it probably is, prices fluctuate all the time in the furniture industry so be very mindful.

The best time to buy indoor furniture is during summertime or the start of a new year. Businesses have to clear out their inventory to make room for newer shipment, so that provides consumers a chance to snatch up older inventory for a lovely price.

10. Bargaining

The saying “ closed mouth don’t get fed” is especially true when shopping for furniture, a lot of consumers miss out on a lot of discounts due to simply not asking or not being aware of the possible rewards they can reap. 

When bargaining for furniture here’s some tips

  • Tell the salesperson their competitor prices are better.
  • Flirt a little or bond with the seller, building some type of connection with the seller will land you some savings.
  • Check reviews to see what others paid for that product. 
  • Ask for free delivery most stores have the power of waiving that fee.
  • Tell them you can’t afford it at that price.

A consumer report found that 89% of shoppers who haggled were rewarded at least once. Successful furniture hagglers saved $300 on average, Consumer Reports says.

11. Social Media Markets

Social media has changed the way we shop. Every social media platform has some type of market you can go to find amazing deals. I’m currently stationed at Fort Campbell and when I browse the facebook market it’s ridiculous how much furniture soldiers give away for free!

Besides soldiers giving away free or cheap stuff. Facebook marketplace is full of angry spouses whos going on a revenge selling spree, so no matter where you are you will be able to use facebook to furnish your home.  

When using social media to shop, be very careful. Some sellers will post ridiculous deals just to lure you to pick up the furniture and do the unthinkable to you. If it sounds sketchy and your guts telling you no, please DO NOT go it’s not worth it.

On the other hand, if the seller seems trustworthy and you would like to purchase whatever they selling and picking up is required. Always bring someone with you no matter what! Share your location with your family or friends and let them know what you about to do and have a plan of action for them if they don’t hear back from you within a certain amount of time.

12. Set A Budget

shopping for furniture can get real expensive real quick. It’s important to set a budget and stick to it. hunting around without a strict budget is very dangerous. There are so many beautiful options to choose from and not having that discipline will cost you some serious $$$.

Here’s how it works furniture companies will mark up their products throughout the year and customers without that strict budget or unaware of the fluctuation in price will purchase the overpriced product.

Think about how many times have you bought a product then in a month or two that same product you bought goes on sale? It’s no coincidence that this happens. It’s part of marketing (says the guy promoting affiliate products). 

If you’re interested and want to know more about how furniture companies mark up their products click here and it will direct you to a post I made on this website explaining everything about markups.