How To Arrange Living Room Furniture

How To Arrange Living Room Furniture

Figuring out how to arrange furniture in your living room can be very scary. It’s not like your bedroom, where you can decorate it how you want, without worrying about it being seeing or judge. When arranging your furniture you have to make a statement. You have a point to prove and that can put a lot of stress on an individual. 

Being the main room where you will greet and receive visitors/guests. There are many factors you have to take into consideration such as the shape of your living room, the amount of floor space you have, the level of discipline your little ones have (pets included), the flow of traffic and your budget.

I understand how frustrating this can be. So I made this in-depth guide to help you out. below you will find all the tips and tricks to arranging your furniture, and many more so keep reading.

Mapping Out Your Living Room

The first thing you have to do is map out your living room. You need to figure out how much of your living floor space will be dedicated to your furniture. There are many ways you can do this. If you were blessed with drawing/ sketching skills, simply draw an empty living room in reference to the size of your living room and start mapping your ideas out. 

Heres my terrible drawing lol, told you no drawing bone in my body

However, if you are like me and don’t have a single drawing bone in your body you can use free home design apps and snap a picture of your living room and start furnishing it from the app. Thank god for technology right?  

Deciding On A Focal Point

If your living room came with a fireplace, chandelier, a huge flat screen or any unique element, what you want to do is make them your focal point. Setting a focal point for your living room will make the process of arranging your furniture goes by smoothly. Once you decide on a focal point everything else will fall into place. 

Fireplace Focal Point

If you decided to make the fireplace your focal point, then you would want to arrange your furniture strategically around the fireplace allowing ease of movent to and from the fireplace. If you have tables and ottomans use them to control the traffic flow by creating pathways for your visitors. Ottomans and tables should not just be eye candy for your visitors, instead, you should use them to help your visitors maneuver around your living room.

Once you created a perfect pathway for your visitors the next step will be inviting them to your cozy fireplace and you can do that by placing accent chairs beside the fireplace. Especially during the wintertime, your guests will LOVE you for providing them with a warm cozy spot to sit near.

You should be proud of your fireplace and want to show it off. So don’t allow any of your furniture to block the view of your fireplace.  

Whatever you do, do not I repeat do not place your lovely rug near your fireplace that’s a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. I know rugs are a great way to anchor your living room but the flying ash and ember will destroy your rug in little to no time and rugs are expensive. Nobody got time or money to keep replacing rugs so to prevent the headaches, keep it away from your fireplace.

Television Focal Point

If you decide to make the television your focal point, instead of doing the traditional couch against the wall and TV facing across from the couch. Switch things up and pull the couch a few feet away from the wall and let your couch float in the middle of the living room.

The benefits of letting your couch float is that it provides a clear passage for your family and guests. Also floating your couch creates a nice socializing space around the tv which is great for family time.

If you were blessed with a large living room making the television your focal point can be tricky, but I got you covered. What u want to do is, instead of designing your large living room as a whole. You should break it off into different sections and the way you do that is by using area rugs. Each rug will represent a different section. 

So one section can be dedicated to your formal living area then the other section can be the entertainment section where family and visitors can casually enjoy.

Most homes nowadays have an open floor plan. Open floor plan is where homes have no walls separating the different areas such as the kitchen, living room, and dining area.

So if you have an open floor plan and decide to make the television your focal point what u want to do is use your couch to divide the different areas. So floating your couch will come into play again. 

So have your couch floating in the middle of the living room, without blocking the window and facing the only wall that’s present. On that wall is where your tv goes. The back on the couch will act as a wall and behind it, you can set up a dining area. 

Arranging your table, ottoman, side table, and etc

Alright, now that you got your focal point, it’s time to connect the missing pieces. The next step will be finding a place for your side tables, ottomans, coffee table, and chairs. 

Ideally, you would want to place your ottoman or coffee table right in the middle of your sofa or sectional. You should leave a little over arm distance length between your couch and the ottoman or table. Leaving an arms distance length makes a task like getting the controller or a snack easier.

Side tables should be placed on either side of the couch and also between pairs of chairs. The amount of side tables you buy depends on the size of your family and friends and also the size of your living room. When placing the side tables leave enough walking space and ensure everyone has a place to set their drinks.

How To Arrange Furniture In A Rectangular Living Room

This is by far one of the most complicated living rooms to furnish. If furnish poorly anytime your visitors walk down your living room they will feel as if they are going to the sunken place. Especially at night. I’m pretty sure you want your home to feel welcoming and cozy so follow these steps to create a cozier home with rectangular living room.

Step 1: Creating a well thought out path for family and guests to walkthrough should be the main focus. With rectangular living rooms, normally you would want to keep all the furniture on one side of the room. Keeping furniture on one side of the room allows foot traffic to naturally flow in a straight line. Also, it prevents making circles around all the furniture and hitting the furniture with your toe.

Step 2: in normal living rooms you can get away with putting your long sofa against the wall and call it a day, but with a rectangular living room try to avoid doing that. Instead, you should place a love seat perpendicular to the length of the room. By placing the love seat perpendicular you create more space and avoid the bowling alley effect.

Step 3: a good way to fool the eyes and take attention of the narrowness of the living room is by making the eyes look upwards. You can do that by adding a tall bookshelf to the room and also placing art and decor going up along the walls towards the ceiling.

Step 4: don’t be a hoarder. Due to the lack of space. Any extra piece of furniture you see that is not needed, remove it from the living room. Clutter and narrowness is not a good mixture so try your best to organized. Being clutter-free prevents tripping hazards and makes the room feel cozier. 
How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Apartment Living Room

How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Apartment Living Room

Having a small living can be a blessing and a curse. It’s great to have a small living room, if you have a tight budget, due to the fact furnishing won’t require much money from you. But it’s also a curse because you are very limited to space and can’t get creative as you may want.

I personally understand the ups and downs of a small living room. After doing my research and experimenting a bit. I’ve come across a few ways you can go about arranging your furniture in a small living room.

 Pick a focal point and it could be anything such as a Tv, fireplace, or a painting. Now what you want to do is face all your sitting units in the direction of the focal point. This allows everyone an opportunity to visually see your focal point.

If your big on family time or family time is an issue in your household this style is great for you. The first step is deciding the conversation area. Once you decide on the conversation area, arrange your furniture around the conversation area and have all the seats facing each other when sitting down. It will pretty much look like a circle and that allows everyone to bond, talk and focus on each other.

Since you limited on space you have to pick your most essential piece of furniture and typically that’s your couch. Once you picked your essential piece of furniture, you can then design around it like placing an armchair on the opposite side or placing a table in the middle.

Furniture Layout Apps And Online Virtual Rooms

Thanks to technology arranging furniture in your living room has become easier. There are many free tools available to help us get an idea of how we want to arrange our furniture. These tools can save you lots of time. There’s nothing worse than rearranging your furniture and then not liking the outcome. To prevent the headaches use these free tools to help you get started.

Homestyler: this is a free online tool that allows you to arrange furniture in 3d using traditional tools & its very easy to use.

Amazon showroom: this is a great tool to give you an idea of how a certain piece of furniture will look in a living room you have a wide selection to choose from. This tool is not so much a rearranging tool it’s just for visuals.  

Houzz App: This app allows you to snap a picture of your living room and start placing furniture around the room it’s easy to use and it’s free.