Amarey A980 Robot Vacuum APP Control with Vision Mapping Navigation - Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum, No-go Zones, Selective Room Cleaning, Wi-Fi Connected, Alexa Voice Control Best for Pet Hair Carpets



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Product Description

Amarey A980 robot vacuum cleaner app download OR code

Amarey A980 iOS or Android APP download directly thru the right QR code.

Or you would prefer to download APP by another way:

1. Android system: Search “Amarey pro” in Google Play to download.

2. iOS system: Search “xiaoshan pro” in Apple Store.










robotic vacuum cleaner

robotic vacuum cleaner

Auto-adjust Suction Power for Carpets

A980 robot vacuum cleaner can generate 1600Pa suction power which can be able to auto-adjust suction strength when working on carpets. Effectively remove all pet hair and dust from your carpets.

Anti-falling Technology

Amarey A980 robot vacuum is equipped with smart sensor which can detect edge or stair effectively and prevent itself from falling down stair.

Smart APP Control

A980 robot vacuum can be simply controlled by APP.You can set 4 different cleaning modes and give orders such as when and where to clean and monitor its cleaning path.






Multiple Cleaning Modes

The robot vacuum supports edge cleaning, spot cleaning, auto-cleaning, and schedule cleaning. All of these cleaning modes can be set on the APP.

1600Pa Powerful Suction

1600Pa of suction power, enough to lift AA batteries, easily lifts dirt off hardwood floors and dredges it up from deep inside carpet fibers.

Smart Path cleaning

amarey A980 can learn and understand the shape of each room and the placement of obstacles in your home, so it can choose the best route for a fast clean. For instance, it cleans corridors along their length, not by shuffling back and forth along their width.