Antique Sconces, 12 Inch Height, 5 Inch Width, 9 Inch Extension, Matte Black/Antique Bronze



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● ART-DECO MEETS MID-CENTURY MODERN: The angular, art deco inspired forms get a mid-century modern update with matte black and an antique bronze finish to bring strong directional lighting to your modern bedroom.
● CLEAN LINES: Clean lines, matte black finish and slant cut form lends this piece a modern feel, perfect for industrial urban lofts or contemporary bedrooms.
● DIMENSIONS: 12 Inch Height, 5 Inch Width, 9 Inch Extension; 5 Inch Diameter Metal Shade
● MID-CENTURY MODERN BEDROOM: Install on either side of your king size bed to create a functional mid-century modern accent. Perfectly suited for gothic, industrial and modern inspired spaces.
● LIGHTING PROFILE: Metal shade creates a downward focused task light that’s made brighter by the reflective brass inner finish of the shade. Install next to your bed for late night reading or next to your workspace to illuminate your latest masterpiece.
● EASY INSTALLATION: Hardwired, everything you need (except the tools) is inside the box for easy installation.