Caqpo Artificial Succulents - 15 Pack - Premium Unpotted Succulent Plants Artificial - Realistic Textured Succulents - Fake Succulent Plants for DIY - Faux Cactus Plant Bulk - Feaux Succulent Plants



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Enhance Your Home’s Natural Decor with Stunning Artificial Succulent Plants


When you’re looking to add vibrant, natural color to your home or office, but don’t really have the time or patience to keep a real plant alive, you need a smart way to create just the right ambiance. That’s why we created Caqpo Artificial Succulent Plants that are handmade using the highest-quality plastics and then hand painted using time-honored craftsmanship. 


Product Details:

  • Artificial Succulent Plants (15-Count)
  • Hand-Painted Medium to Large Pieces
  • Flexible, Highly-Detailed Stems
  • Four (4) Strings of Pearls (2 Small, 2 Big)
  • True Colors, Highly-Detailed Plastics
  • Features Leaves and Foliage


True, Natural Coloring

These premium faux succulents are hand painted to match the natural, lifelike appearance of living plants to ensure they match your natural style or decor. 


Variable Sizes and Designs

We offer bigger succulents than standard artificial plants, with our biggest coming in an a bold and beautiful 6” in size, making them perfect for any display.


Soft, Textured Plastic

Along with a beautifully original look that mimics that coloration of real flowers, we’ve used a softer, more detailed version of the leaves that feature a string of pearls, a more family-friendly plastic, and the large display style that fits any room in your house.


Flexible, Detailed Stems

  • Decorating your hanging planter or designer pot is even easier because we’ve added taller, more versatile stems to each succulent. This allows you to mix and match shapes, colors, and styles to give you unique looks you won’t find anywhere else.