Indoor Houseplant Collection – 5 Live Plants in 4 Inch Pots – Calathea Vittata – Beauty Star – Rattlesnake – Peacock – Triostar Stromanthe – Beautiful Easy to Grow Air Purifying Indoor Plants


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Triostar Stromanthe is a striking tropical plant never fails to catch the eye, with exotic variegated foliage of cream, green, and pink. Broad, shiny leaves are arranged in fans, with burgundy-pink undersides.

Calathea Vittata (Elliptica) is a species of the genus Calathea that comprises of about 300 species and many cultivars and hybrid that are popularly grown for their exquisitely colored and patterned foliage. ‘Vittata’ is an attractive horticultural cultivar with a moderate growth rate.

A variety of Calathea ornata, the Calathea ‘Beauty Star’ has elegantly shaped green leaves that are stripped in pink, white and silver. These leaves are longer and thinner than a traditional ornata. The underside of each leaf exhibits a deep purple.

A Rattlesnake plant is fairly tall, with leaves that can grow 30 inches tall or more. The leaves are one of the primary feature of this plant, with dark green spots overlaying a lighter green leaf.

The Calathea Makoyana or Peacock Plant as it is more commonly known is a wonderful plant that can be known to grow up to 2ft in height when cared for correctly. Also named Cathedral Windows.

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