Livingroomsetup 15W 48LED Full Spectrum Aquarium Lights high brightness Sea Coral Lamps 23.6inch (Suitable For 23.6-31.49inch Long Aquarium) (23.6 Inch)



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Here is our 15W 48LED Full Spectrum Sea Coral Lamp 23.6inch Black. This lamp is scientifically matched, close to natural light, and vividly reproduces the original light conditions. The color is more natural and the water color is clearer, which restores the fish’s true and moving colors. The natural light can also protect the growth of aquatic plants. The structural design of the aluminum alloy ensures good heat dissipation and improves the service life. In appearance, it breaks the traditional design and adopts a light and thin design, which is more simple and beautiful.



1. Highlight lamp beads with strong penetrating power

2. Natural and transparent light

3. Light and thin aluminum alloy lamp body, simple and beautiful

4. Energy saving and long-lasting brightness

5. Soft light without flashing screen



1. Material: Aluminum

2. Color: Black

3. Size: 23.6inch

4. Weight: 1.83lb / 0.835kg

5. Application: 23.6-31.49inch Long Aquarium


Package Includes:

1 x Light Body

1 x Black Beauty Adapter

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23.6 Inch