Livingroomsetup Jellyfish Aquarium LED Multicolor Lighting Fish Tank Mood Lamp Night Light



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♥♥Enjoy Indoor Ocean Atmosphere: Like real jellyfish swimmings quietly, creating soothing and tranquil atmosphere, LED animated jellyfish lights, simulate the deep-sea environment, jellyfish dancing with changing colorful lights, let you get spiritual relaxation from busy day.

♥♥No Need to Feed: The jellyfish aquarium lights can create charming colorful aquarium effect, but it does not require frequent feeding and water replacement, easy to clean and maintain.

♥♥Power Supply Mode: USB and batterys power supply modes, need 3 AA batteries(not included) Comes with a usb cable, plug and play.

♥♥High-quality Material: Adopts high-qualitys acrylic panel, transparent and durable.

♥♥Perfect Gift: The jellyfish lava lamp is a multifunctional lamps, can be used as bedside lamp, table lamp, night lamp, etc. Suitable for your family, children's room, living room, office, etc. Give it to children and adults, girlfriends, boyfriends, moms, and dads, especially for children.


1. Remove the screws on the battery box at the bottom of the product, install 3 AAA batteries or USB plug in for use.

2. Remove the lid on the top of the container and add water. Do not overfill the container. Leave a gap of 5-10MM on the top of the container.

4. Take out the product accessories (jellyfish/jelly/volcano beads) and put a small amount of detergent on the accessories before putting them into the container.

5. Put the lid back on the top of the container to ensure that there are no gaps to prevent water from overflowing.

6. Press the switch on the front of the product again, the light turns on, volcanic beads appear repeatedly or jellyfish swim. The product starts to work.

Note: If the jellyfish does not move, please check for bubbles under the jellyfish. If so, please use a long tool to gently push the bubbles out of the jellyfish.


Instructions for use

1. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

2. Keep the battery box away from water and dry.

3. Do not use the adapter, it is recommended to use the battery or the original equipped USB cable connection.

4. When not in use for a long time, take out the battery or unplug the external power plug, wipe or dry it and put it in the original box.

5. Cut off the power before cleaning, only need to wipe the soft cloth when cleaning. Do not wash the whole product in water!

6. Do not disassemble the components of the machine body without authorization. If any damage is found, please find a professional of our company to replace it.

Package Included

1 x Light

2 x Jellyfish

1 x USB Cable