Peace Lily Clean air Plant Friendship Foliage’s Family Farm Quality Live Indoor Spathiphyllum (6″ Pot, 14-18in Tall from Bottom of The Pot)


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Size:6″ pot, 14-18in tall from bottom of the pot

Friendship Foliage specializes in growing the highest quality Spathiphyllum, or “peace lily” plants. Their peace lilies are shipped directly from the shade house in a well-prepared, secure package. Peace lilies have beautiful dark green leaves with unique venation. White blooms rise above the leaves all throughout the year. A peace lily is the perfect plant for any occasion. One can add a natural, clean, relaxing feel to any area in a home, office, lobby, etc. with this plant. Scientific evidence proves peace lilies help to filter the air too. These plants thrive in indoor and outdoor settings, as long as the plant is covered with shade. Peace lilies cannot survive direct sunlight. It is important to water peace lilies regularly and keep the soil moist. The amount will vary depending on the plant’s environment. The plant should not be sitting in standing water. Peace lilies prefer a happy medium of moistness. If the plant has not been watered enough, it will begin to wilt eventually causing the tips of the leaves to turn brown. Once watered though, the plant will restore its self and pop back up to normal! Peace lilies are very easy to care for. Research and learn more about peace lilies. Any questions can be emailed to CARE: In order to keep your plant healthy and looking the best, be sure to water your plant regularly. The amount of water will depend on the size of the peace lily. 6″- 4 oz every 2 to 3 days. Water 8” plants and 10” plants each day or every other day with 8 oz. If you are leaving town for a night or do not want to water every day, give your plant a little extra water when you do. It is extremely important to keep your plant shaded. A peace lily cannot handle direct sunlight; however, peace lilies thrive when placed in an area inside where it can get natural light.

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