Posprica Storage Basket Bins,13×13 Foldable Storage Cube Boxes Fabric Drawer for Closet Shelf Cabinet Bookcase,4pcs,Coffee



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Size: 13×13×13/4pcs  |  Color: Coffee

Storage Cube Basket Bin Specifications:

Size for each: 13”×13”×13”, (tiny deviation exists)

High Quality, Worth the Extra Money

Our Storage Cubes are not in cheap price, relative higher price than normal bins. But it if you get them you will find they definitely deserve it:

1. The Closet Organizer are made from thickest cloth called burlap,the grey looks sliver with shine especially obviously in sunshine.
2. Quality is strictly controlled to ensure sewing craftsmanship is consistent ,seams is tight, and have no thread ends on each bin.
3. Pure hand made by skilled workers.
4. 2 metal handles are very shiny, easy to grab than cloth handles and makes your closet bookcase shelf more snazzy .
5. Thick fabric and and firm cardboard makes the the shelf basket more weight and sturdy

Choosing the higher quality storage containers is to cost you more once, but the over twice lifetime is actually saving you more dollars.
Moreover, they decorate your home more luxury.If you have a cheap bookcase or shelf, they will make it looks more snazzy; If you have a expensive closet or drawer, prime fabric drawers will match them perfectly.