RosieLily Grey Fur Rug Soft Grey Faux Fur Rug Fuzzy Rug Fluffy Rug Fuzzy Rug Grey Rug for Bedroom, Living Room Floor Rugs for Sofa,Kids Room 2 x 3 Feet (Grey)



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Product Description

faux fur rug

Rosielily launched the highest quality wool-like products. This rug has two features : softness and comfort. It is a soft pavement material with a non-slip suede lining design on the back, which is different from hard floor pavement materials such as marble and ceramic tiles. It is not easy to slip and bump and create a warm and comfortable feeling in your living space. This carpet can decorate almost any room, such as children’s toy room, living room, bedroom, dining room and so on.Area rugs do not have radiation and do not emit harmful gases such as formaldehyde, which meets various environmental protection requirements for home furnishing. Can provide fresh fashion for your family.

faux fur rug

Rosielily Fluffy Rug

Your Best Warm Choice Home Decor

Cute pet mat: let pets lie on the small fuzzy rug or play under the sunshine.

Decorations: Christmas Day can be placed under the Christmas tree, on a table, on a chair, on a gift, etc. You can use the faux fur rug to create a warm and interesting home scenery. It is the best choice for decorations

Children’s room: A carpet make your children more comfortable when playing on the floor.

Ideal Holiday GIfts

  • Perfect gift for for Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc.
  • Christmas Gift,Housewarming gift,Valentine’s Day Gift



faux fur rug

faux fur rug

faux fur rug

The densely arranged fleece design can bring a soft touch, and can be used in any corner of the home to bring a comfortable leisure time. The soft fluff can also bring visual comfort.

The non-slip design with suede lining on the back can be used in any scene. There are elderly people and children in the family. You can choose to put a carpet on the place whichis easy to slip to prevent accidents.

About washing: try to choose hand-washing or dry-cleaning as much as possible, If you choose machine wash. please choose the gentle program. What important is to choose neutral washing liquid and the water temperature is controlled below 30°C. About drying, tumble drying is not available, Can choose to dry naturally.