TECBOT Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot - WI-FI Connected Robot Vacuum with Mapping Technology, 2000Pa Visual Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



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● EFFICIENT CLEANING: TECBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaner combines Gyroscope & Visual Navigation System, with a 300,000 pixel camera equipped on top that can scan upwards at 45° to assist for more precise positioning & intelligent mapping. Cleaning efficiency is 30% higher than traditional gyro-navigation robotic vacuum cleaner.
● WIFI CONNECTIVITY: Connect the robot vacuum to WI-FI, use APP to schedule & monitor cleaning, set different cleaning modes and customize cleaning. Use boundary strips (not included) for keeping vacuum robot vacuuming certain places of the house. When the job is done, check-out where and when your vacuum robot cleaned. Moreover, you can always point your robot vacuum to the position you want it to clean.
● BREAKPOINT CONTINUE CLEANING: When the robot vacuum cleaner is fully charged, it will automatically return to the last spot where cleaning was stopped due to low battery, continue to complete the last cleaning task. The robot vacuum constantly cleans up to 120 minutes per charge.
● POWERFUL SUCTION: The robot vacuum cleaner has 3-level adjustable suction: 1200pa, 1500pa to MAX 2000pa to pick up dust, debris, dirt and pet hair, ideal for hardwood floors and low-pile carpets. (The robot vacuum is not recommended for long-pile carpets)
● LOW NOISE AND MUTE: The robot vacuum cleaner has 3 optional cleaning modes, vacuuming at the max setting is about 58 dB, quiet equivalent to an operating microwave, no disturbing work or rests.