WEHUSE Large Storage Baskets for Closet Shelves, 15.8 L x 12 W x 10 H Inches Foldable Fabric Storage Bins, Set of 3



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Product Description

storage basket for shelves

closet storage basket

Store More!

Larger than most closet storage basket bins available


  • 15.8 L x 12 W x 10 H — Larger, wider and higher, but size is great for closet storage, and doesn’t take up too much room.
  • WEHUSE Storage Basket Bins provide big capacity to hold various things and leave your area looking clean and organized.




closet storage bins large

Stylish storage you’ll want to show off!

[ Bigger ]- [ Stronger] -[ More beautiful ] – We know what kind of cloth bin the customer wants. It makes your room unique!

[ Warm Tip ] : Because the fabric basket bin is folded for a long time, there will inevitably be creases.

[ Solution ]: You can smooth the crease with an iron, then put it outside for a few hours to ventilate and dry, and the basket will hold its shape much better. There is no doubt that the fabric materials are thick.



sturdy storage basket for clothes

fabric linen storage

rectangular storage basket with handles foldable


  • Constructed of thickened cotton and linen cloth, EVA lining and polyester pongee. The organizer bins can stand upright even when empty.
  • Excellent product quality makes you feel more at ease when using it.



  • Middle interlayer is thickened EVA fabric.
  • Metal frame on the top to keep the box shape.


The yoga mats and baby floor mats we usually use are all made of EVA. The fabric is soft and stylish and doesn’t hurt children. Non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof.


  • Portable handles make it easy to pull from a shelf or out from under a bed.
  • Easy to fold and carry.


The closet shelf storage baskets have become an indispensable product in people’s life. You deserve better.