Yome Ultra Soft Area Rug, Machine Washable Fluffy Home Decor Carpet, Shaggy Floor Rug for Living Room, Bedroom, Kid’s Room, Dorm Room, Anti-Slip Fashion Rug 4 x 5.3 Feet, Sky-Blue.



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Product Description

Yome area rugs

1.Slip Resistant

2.Machine Washable

Durable Edge

4.Soft and Non-shedding

Slip Resistant

Equipped with small plastic dots on the bottom, our rugs will stay in place all the time to provide a safe playground for your children or pets.

Machine Washable

To make your everyday life easier you can just fling our rugs into the washing machine. For more information, please read our instruction book.

Durable Edge

To extend the service life of our rugs, we used advanced production technology to overlock the edges.

Soft and Non-shedding

Our rugs are incredibly soft, non-shedding, odorless and skin-friendly. Ideal for your children and pets!



blue rug



Kindly Reminder

1. Our Yome Area Rug comes packed in a vacuum bag, so it will take some time to recover from creases. Please don’t worry, the creases will even out after approximately 2-3 days.

2. For more information, please read our instruction book. when you get our product the delivered.

Our Yome area rugs are an indispensable piece to add to the home decor of modern families.

Uniqueness of the Yome Area Rug:

(1)The wool of our Yome Area Rug is made of 100% polyester velvet which gives it an unparalleled softness and warmth.

(2)Moreover, the middle layer of our carpet is made of a high-density sponge, which perfectly protects you against cold and hard floors.

(3) Ultimately, the back side of the Yome Rug is made of non-woven fabric with small PVC dots, making the rug slip-resistant and very durable.



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Warm Notes:

1. To prevent falls, please place our rugs only on clean and dry floors, and make sure that the rugs lie flat and stay flat with use. Don’t use rugs on stairs.

2. Please check your floor manufacturer’s instructions before using our Yome rugs, to avoid any potential damage to your floor.