YOUPLUSUS 8" x 10" Artificial Modern Plant in White Stone Pot, Beautiful Faux Plant for Home Decor, Realistic Artificial Plants, Lifelike Fake Plant Decoration



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About Our Story

I and my wife love to decorative our house with plants to make it look more vibrant. But it’s always a problem for us to take care of the pants and they‘re withered soon after. So we keep our eyes on the artificial plants. We have purchased a lot, but unfortunately they’re lack of quality and details and look not real, even some with odor to make us down. Why not make an artificial plants by ourselves? So this artificial plant born. This is probably the best artificial plants you’ve ever seen.

realistic artificial plants

Even better than the natural plants

We know you must love to decorative your house and take care of family to make the life better and more enjoyable, just like us. we do believe these artificial plants is exactly what you needed. It really works.

  • The artificial plants with real touch feeling, the stone pot and natural vivid colors make them so delicate.
  • Adding more freshness and decorative your house well, great for office, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom.
  • The artificial plants are non-toxic, odorless, while the pots are sturdy and not easy to break, it’s safe for adults, kids and pets.
  • Bringing the nature into your house to add more freshness in all seasons, enjoy your life.



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Our Pots

Our plant pots are made of high quality stone which is hard, heavy and with excellent texture. Luxury without any cheap feeling, always keeping its beauty no matter where it is.

Other Pots

The paper pulp and plastic are in cheap quality and easy to break for the change of temperature or humidity, or during the transportation.

Other Pots

These paper pulp pots are not for outdoors because they’ll broken by the rain or water splash to lose their beauty



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