What Is Modern Farmhouse: Nailed Every Question

What Is Modern Farmhouse: Nailed Every Question

Modern farmhouses simply take everything you love about the country life, and apply it to your home, while adding modern touches to enhance the Cozy, warm, and simple design style of a farmhouse. 

Most of my country folks might melt when looking at a gorgeous, one of a kind farmhouse. However for most when you hear the word farmhouse you automatically picture big acre of land with barns, old outdated wooden architecture, and animals roaming around.

On the contrary modern farmhouses is the complete opposite. Even if you NEVER stepped foot on a farm or lived in the city your whole life. I can guarantee that you will enjoy the simplicity, cozy, and homey-ness (yes that word is not in the dictionary) of a farmhouse. So stop staying in your comfort zone and TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Have I convinced you? If you answered yes. Welcome Aboard my friend, if not ( I’m still your friend) keep reading and explore the beautiful hallmark of farmhouses. In this post, I will guide you in creating your own unique farmhouse design, and provide you with amazing visuals that you can mimic.

Plan Plan Plan

When attacking any new home design/project you should always consider functionality as an essential part of the design/project. If you sit down and think of all the aspects of the farm life, it can seem complex. That is why functionality needs to be the first thing you keep in mind when designing a farmhouse.

As my title states “Plan Plan Plan” planning will be a major key to success (DJ Khaled voice) when trying to achieve this new design. Before you do anything I want you to take some time and evaluate your space.

 You can do that one of two ways, either mentally map everything out or pull out your cell phone and download one of the many FREE home design apps. You can literally snap a picture of your living room or any other room and start designing virtually.

A few things to keep in mind when planning your layout will be the flow of traffic through the room, your furniture arrangement and the lighting of the room either ambient or accent light. During this drafting process don’t be afraid to do things differently from your previous setup, make any changes you see fit to aid the functionality of the room.

Once your drafting phase is done and you feel confident go ahead and start shopping and acquiring everything you need to achieve that modern farmhouse look. Just remember functionality trumps all.

What Furniture Should I Choose?

Furniture shopping can be quite frustrating when there are literally thousands of furniture we can choose from. I want you to try your best and cancel out the noise. Traditional farmhouses tend to focus on wooden furniture for the majority of their interior, so I highly advise you to do the same. You do have the luxury to pick the type of wood and finish that you see fit.

It wouldn’t be called a modern farmhouse without adding a few modern touches. To achieve that modern look and add that layer of comfort. Use your throw pillows, accent chairs, plush couches, and blankets to balance out all the natural materials within the farmhouse. Using the right color decors can really tone down the wooden furniture.

What decor should I use?

Now it’s time to focus on the decors. Remember previously how I talked about functionality? well, when it comes to decors every piece should serve a purpose, that’s why you should lean towards industrial decor pieces.

 Industrial accents do a fantastic job aiding the farmhouse look because industrial pieces are inspired by the machinery used for farming. Industrial accents have skyrocketed in popularity so it’s a perfect time to implement it in your design. It’s popular and goes well with farmhouses you can’t beat that.

Adding hanging barn doors, wooden mantels, and galvanized metal tray does a great job playing a functional role in modern farmhouses, besides playing a role you gotta admit it looks amazing.

Color Scheme?

The color scheme is the make or break of this interesting design, not having the right color can really hinder your success. The Old traditional farmhouse color scheme had to go. No longer will sage green and faded yellow be the face of farmhouses, this is why modern farmhouses these days lean towards the neutral color palette.

Neutral colors are winning in today’s world, especially in modern design and adding some neutral colors to your farmhouse will assist you in making your farmhouse feel fresh, clean, homey, and up to date.

In my previous post I talked about the 60-30-10 rule and if u are not familiar with this rule click here to check it out. 

With that being said, when in doubt go white, different shades of white are great neutral colors to pick when choosing the dominant color for your overall scheme, and for the other two colors, since we are dealing with a farmhouse you want to pick earthly colors such as tan, brown, and gray.

Your accent is where u get to experiment and have fun with the colors. Primarily, accent colors should be Bold. You want to make a statement with ur accents, so don’t be afraid to pour your creativity through your accents.

When choosing finishes for this particular design style you have to be mindful. It can be tempting to get finishes that have been modernized with crispy, bright shades. But for this design stay away from them and go for the more vintage, antique-looking finish as this will provide that extra boost to give you a more classic farmhouse look.


After reading this post I hope you’ve taken a liking in the perfect imperfections of farmhouses. Farmhouses have been around for decades and will continue to thrive in interior design.

Getting the perfect balance of old and new is the name of the game. What’s amazing about farmhouses is that all your furniture doesn’t have to be new, getting them pre-owned helps the vintages of your furniture pops out. 

I hope I’ve inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and take on the challenge of transforming your home into a modern farmhouse. Keep this guide bookmarked and reference to it if u get stuck along the way and also check out our recommendation page.